Tax returns for Individuals, Businesses, and more.

Individual Tax Returns

Our Tax professionals are ready to handle even the most complicated tax issues. We offer tax preparation as well as tips on how to improve your tax situation.

Business Returns

Our tax professionals are ready to offer their expert assistance on planning and preparation of restructuring or growth of your business. Daniel Gill can handle the tax returns so that you can focus on making money.

Previous Year Returns

Did a personal matter prevent you from filing last year’s tax return? It’s not too late! The Daniel Gill Tax professionals are here to help you fix this omission. We will help you prepare and file your return as well as work with the IRS to set up a payment plan to pay any. Regardless of the situation, our staff is here to help you save money and time. The final result will be solving your tax problems.

Texas Franchise Tax

This gross receipts tax frequently leaves a business worried and confused. Our staff is trained and ready to take on this challenge for our clients. Let our training and experience ease the burden of these special tax liabilities. Ready to get started?

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