Some common questions encountered are:

  • What type of ownership structure should I choose for my business?
  • How do I pay myself a salary for a sole-proprietor? Does that change if I incorporate?
  • I have a small business. Should I keep my own books?
  • I want to hire someone to do administrative tasks for me. Can I treat them as a sub-contractor?
  • Can I account for meals and related mileage when I meet business prospects?
  • Can I take the money I spend on meals or drinks while meeting with clients or prospects as a deduction?
  • If I incorporate my business will I have a different tax filing deadline?
  • Does your services including setting up a QuickBooks Chart of Accounts?
  • Do you work with GAAP accounting?

Answers to common questions

Every tax question has an answer based upon your own individual and business tax situation. That means that we may ask questions before answering to ensure we tell you the best answer that suits your needs.

If you have a tax-related question, ask us first!

Filing Tax Deadlines

You have certainly heard about the April 15th filing deadline. But your tax deadline maybe different. There maybe additional deadlines to consider such as sales tax deadlines, Franchise tax deadlines as well as estimates for quarterly tax payments for the self-employed.

We can take the headache out of compiling with these deadlines. Call us today!