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Let us take the work out of your 2018 tax season.

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Preparing Your Taxes Virtual Controller

We can customize your small business Accounting system or Bookkeeping system to meet your business needs. This can free up your time to help you focus more on your business and driving more profits.

Daniel Gill CPA

Daniel Gill CPA

Austin CPA

Certified Quickbooks Advisor

Our professionals will set up your QuickBooks business chart of accounts! Create any needed invoices for accounts receivable or bill with accounts payable. Dan works with a wide range of business types and understands the requirements of your business.

QuickBooks Pro Certified Advisor

The accounting software used almost exclusively by small businesses nowadays is QuickBooks. As a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, I can purchase software for you at a discount. Then, I can install the software onto your computer, and teach you how to use it. Whenever you have a question about QuickBooks, you can call me.

Virtual Controller

We monitor the financial condition of your small business, ensure proper reporting standards are being utilized and filing deadlines are met.
Why not take that burden off your shoulders and instead focus on driving your own small business needs, call Dan today!

Are you self-employed?

Are you having trouble keeping up with all the details of your business? Does filing your state sales tax always come down to the last day – the last minute – so that managing your business gets put on hold for a couple of days?
Dan can take that worry out of your business life by handling this on-going tasks, freeing you up for other business demands. Call Dan to get started!

Personal Taxes for you and the family

Why add one more task to the list of daily activity running your business – handling your personal taxes. As a part of our accounting and CPA services, we can also compile your personal taxes for you and your family. That is one less another headache to deal with!

Do you primarily work out of your home office?

Some of the information that we will need about your home office include :

(1) Square footage of office space,
(2) Total square footage of home,
(3) Hours of use, if operating an in home daycare,
(4) Mortgage interest or rent paid,
(5) Homeowner’s or renters’ insurance,
(6) Utilities cost,
(7) Cost of home, separate improvements and
(8) first date of business use

Common Business Expenses

(1) Advertising
(2) Phones (landline, fax or cell phones related to business)
(3) Computer & internet expenses
(4) Transportation and travel expenses
(5) Local transportation
(6) Business trip (mileage) log
(7) Contemporaneous log or receipts for public transportation, parking, and tolls
(8) Other business related items
(9) Commissions paid to subcontractors

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